Ana Rosa Márquez Blesa

Ana Rosa Márquez Blesa

PhD student

Hi everyone! My name is Ana Rosa Márquez. I studied Biotechnology and recently graduated from the MSc in Molecular Biology Applied to Biotechnology Companies at the University of Granada.

My journey into scientific research began during my undergraduate years through various internship programs, igniting my passion for genetics, molecular biology and microbiology. All of these experiences focused my interest on the REGUBIOME research line.

Currently, I am excited to pursue my scientific career as PhD student at Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe (CIPF). The main goal of my phD project will be unraveling the mechanisms of gene regulation in gut microbiome in response to diverse changes in the intestinal environment and understanding its impact on host health in order to develop novel strategies for personalized medicine. I see this phD program as the perfect opportunity to expand my skill set, training in new areas and embracing emerging technologies, combining experimental and computational techniques.

In my spare time, I love doing sports, walking in nature and travelling. I also enjoy exploring different cuisines and listening to music, especially techno.